Realtor's® Make-Ready Repair Services!!

Texas has relaxed it's social distancing guidelines in an effort to get Texans back to work. It will take a little time for you to fill their pipeline and consider what you are going to do when the tidal wave of business crashes down upon you.

Are you going to spend too much time sweating deadlines, chasing paperwork, and getting your listing make ready repairs completed?



As you know, the listing make-ready can be a very stressful situation and pre-listing walk throughs can reveal an overwhelming number of flagged, non-compliant and cosmetic items. These item can and will affect your sale. If you want to meet these challenging demands and create a smoother work flow, partnering with One Call to turn your new listing into a sale is key to your success!


One Call's answer! Don't deal with multiple contractors!

Instead, One Call, can provide valuable insite and a single repair estimate for most service areas out to Grand Parkway on the west and north west, and Hwy 6 on the south. We will also perform the work if the project is inside Beltway 8.


Just click the link below and we will provide a quote and, if necessary, have a manager call.


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If you already have a list, you can deliver it immediately by Email or upload it directly to our website utilizing our drag and drop tool.


Upon receipt, we will review every item on the list, and provide an estimated cost to perform those repairs that are necessary to move forward with the listing of the property. If the property is inside Beltway 8, we can also perform the repairs. If it is outside Beltway 8, the estimate of costs should be ample for another contractor to perform the work.


As you know, first impressions and the properties appearance as a well maintained home is what makes a home marketable.

One Call knows how to make it so!!


In short, One Call makes this process simple and easy, for the agents and the sellers.


For more information or to order a property visit and repair estimate,


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We charge a nominal fee of $105 to provide a written evaluation of your make-ready repairs and, if necessary, make recommendations on how to best handle your repair needs. Repairs are only performed inside Beltway 8.

For those customers outside Beltway 8, we will provide a quotation for the repairs, but we will not perform the repairs.

We do not provide verbal quotes. All quotes will be provided in writing only.

Our turn around time for make-ready quotes is usually 48 hours.


If you would like to see some of our work, Click Here.

Our motto is: "One Call - One Time - Done Right!"

If you do not wish to fill out our on-line form just:

If you happen to be outside the greater Houston calling area, call us toll free at 1(800) 606-9453.