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By submitting this form, I agree to become a member of the One Call Hoame Handyman Concierge Handyman Service by paying an initial annual membership fee of $340. This membership entitles me to 2 - 1 hour handyman service trips, with a trip charge of $85, or a fee of $170 per trip, not include materials, and additional hours at a rate of $85 per hour (Discounted Rate), all including a handyman and helper.

I also understand that these hours are only good for one year (Term) from the date purchased. If these hours are not utilized within that Term, the hours will expire and will not be available for my use.

For purchasing an annual membership, One Call Home Handyman agrees to provide workmen to provide handyman services for the Member Hours, and provide additional hours at the Discounted Rate, with a 1 hour minimum. In addition, I will receive service on a priority basis.

Member Hours and additional hours can be used during Normal Business Hours, which are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, except for National and State Holidays (Holiday). If work is performed on Saturday or a Holiday, then the hourly rate for such work will be billed at $10 per hour over the Discounted Rate. If work is performed on a Sunday or a Holiday falling on a Sunday, then the hourly rate for such work will be billed at $30 per hour over the Discounted Rate.

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